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You shouldn't have to feel alone with your hair problems.

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Hair strand in a comb
Do you see clumps of hair wash away every time you shower?
Are you noticing your hairline more and more as the days go by?
Have you been trying to grow longer, denser and healthier hair but it just won’t grow due to damaged ends?
Are you tired of wasting moneytrying product after product and still not getting the results you want from them?
Did you once have thicker and healthier hair in the past which lost its volume and lustre over the years?

We've all been lied to about our hair.

For decades, Big Beauty has bombarded women with photoshopped beauty campaigns, glossy magazine articles, and manipulated social media ads.

This has conditioned us to believe that something is always wrong with us. They've taught us to think that we'll only ever feel beautiful ONCE we buy their miracle product, tube or pill.

But we all know too well "one day" NEVER comes. If it did, they wouldn't be so Big.

Modern hair care products are formulated with harsh chemicals, which is why you'll struggle to see long-lasting results.

You might buy a shampoo that improves your hair for a few weeks, only to see it get worse after. So you buy something else to cover up the problem, and it works... for a few weeks. Then it gets even worse!

And that's how we end up wasting the best years of our lives feeling not good enough, no matter how much we try.

Your hair deserves to be loved, not manipulated.

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Save your hair, and your wallet.

The 14 Day Haircare Challenge designed to help you unlearn all the haircare misinformation you've picked up over the years so you can ditch the products that are secretly damaging it.

After that, you'll learn how to completely reinventing your haircare routine from the ground up for long-lasting results.

You'll finally put a stop to your hair problems so you achieve longer, denser and healthier hair. All without wasting money on expensive products or fancy treatments.



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Join 40,000+ women who have already transformed their hair with the 14 Day Haircare Challenge.

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Fall in love with your hair in 14 days.

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Over 14 days, you'll create 3 hair-changing routines.

1) A healthy haircare routine for stronger and healthier strands
The truth is... most products are full of harmful chemicals. Even products that claim to be "safe", "organic" and "non-toxic" are likely the same products that are damaging your hair. During the challenge, you'll learn to identify the toxic products that we secretly damaging your hair.  After that, you'll replace them with healthy alternatives that your hair loves. This includes making your own luxury DIY products too!
2) A simple hair-loving meal plan fuel your hair growth, reduce hair loss and promote hair thickness
Incorporating some quick and simple changes to your diet can make all the difference to your hair. During the challenge, you'll create a simple meal plan full of hair-boosting nutrients to fuel your hair health from within. The right tweaks to your diet can strength your hair follicles which prevent hair loss, hair thinning, and brittleness for years to come -- even more so than any prescription medicine or expensive product!
3) The perfect morning routine to boost your hair and health and confidence for the coming day
With your haircare routine cleans up and your meal plan in check.. it's time to create space in your morning to step into your true beauty. A powerful morning routine that combines a bit of haircare and self-care will not only promote healthy hair growth, but you'll feel energised and confident as you go about your day. When you wake up to good hair days, are in charge of your day. When you have good hair days every day, you're in charge of your life!

Wait! so ...

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Is it a haircare product?

Yes... and no. After 14 days, you'll walk away with your own luxury DIY shampoo. But instead of buying a product from a store, you’ll be making with natural and common ingredients you can find in your kitchen. The best part? It’s affordable, natural and made by you, for you.

Is it an online program?

Yep! All participants will join our online haircare community and take the challenge together! (Or you can go at your own pace if you prefer that). Each daily haircare challenge comes with an easy-to-follow video with step-by-step instructions. You'll receive tutorials that show you how to clean up your routine, improve your diet and lifestyle, and make your own haircare at home.

Is it a hands-on beauty class?

Absolutely! In addition to being part of a community and completing practical haircare challenges, you'll receive supporting materials like eBooks and mobile apps filled with recipes, tips and tricks to help you save time while achieving the best results possible for your hair.


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Natalie Pan

My hair is already stronger and healthier. The course is well laid out, so that you gather information and are actively learning about products and how to keep your hair healthy. I had no idea I was actually damaging my hair by using my mask as a conditioner! Highly recommend the course.

01:25 PM | Nov 08, 2020 | Facebook
Emily Schumaker

You unlearn what you think you know, you learn what is true and going to benefit you. I have saved money knowing what to buy or what I can make myself for my hair. My hair loss and shedding went down significantly and I love the routine I made with the help of the 14-day challenge. This was well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone that wants a change for their hair!

08:49 PM | Nov 14, 2020 | Facebook
Annalisa Corrigan

I've just taken part on the 14 day challenge and I cannot recommend it enough. Sarah is highly informative and she is clear and easy to follow. My hair has changed condition in the last 2 weeks and I feel that I have been given tools to improve the quality of my hair moving forward. If you want your hair to look and feel amazing... TAKE THIS CHALLENGE! Its worth every penny, you wont regret it 💖

04:36 PM | Nov 15, 2020 | Facebook

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What you'll do insid the 14 Day Challenge

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Say goodbye to itchy and oily scalp, hair loss and unnecessary damage from toxic commercial shampoos. Use our simple and gentle formulation to make a tailor-made shampoo from scratch.


Target hair concerns from the root by uncovering any personal vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


There’s tonnes of bad supplements on the market that will cause hair loss, acne and serious health issues. Learn to identify effective supplements for amazing hair results and avoid poorly formulated supplements that can ruin your hair and health.


We’ve busted all the myths around collagen and share the best practices for ACTUALLY getting plumper skin and thicker hair growth and less hair fall.


Build your own unique meal plan based on your deficiencies and unique hair goals.


Remove all toxic products and replace them with clean and healthy practices.


Apply the right techniques and practices to eliminate split ends and prevent them from returning.


Incorporate better shampoos, scalp treatments, and other haircare practices for immediate results that will last.


See faster hair growth, less hair fall and thicker hair growth with this simple morning routine.


Say goodbye to overpriced oils that make no difference to our hair and save loads of $$.


Delicious recipes and techniques to fuel our skin and hair throughout the day. Expect to glow and grow at the same time!


Create 3 powerful routines to fight the peskiest hair and scalp issues.

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Take charge of your hair results

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Unedited Video Reviews

Previous participants are sharing how they experienced the 14 Day Haircare Challenge. We've uploaded the videos the exactly how we received them from our students, they are no paid actors and nothing as been added or removed.

"My hair looks way shinier and moisturized"
"My hair is so much better after using the shampoo."
Start your Journey

Sarah makes it easy to understand and is genuinely and wholeheartedly interested in helping women gain their confidence and be healthy!

07:04 PM | June 22, 2021 | Trustpilot

Sarah is such an amazing and inspiring woman who took us all on this journey of improving not only our hair but also our lifestyle.

10:39 AM | Nov 01, 2021 | Trustpilot
Lindsey Riches

This was an awesome experience! Loved being a part of the 14-day challenge with Sarah. Worth every second. Learned more here in 14 days than I did with 4 months of hair school at Paul Mitchell.

12:47 PM | Jan 02, 2020 | Trustpilot

What's Included

When you join The 14 Day Haircare Challenge, you'll receive resources to help you have great hair days for years to come. Click on each item to read more about them.

select an option:

Need help staying organised during the challenge? We've added templates and worksheets so you never get lost. Think of this book as your personal coach that walks you through the challenge and your journey to better hair, better health and a better you. Step-by-step, day-by-day.

📝 120 pages of worksheets and daily written exercises to help you internalise your learnings.
🏃♀️ Stay on top of your routine with daily tracking pages.🥗 Templates to make building your new diets and routines super easy!

Holistic haircare practices
Haircare routine templates

Over the course of 14 days, you’ll work through daily video missions which guide you through the process of how to clean up your routine, how to effectively introduce products that are good for you and how to fuel your body for better health and stronger strands, and how build the perfect morning ritual that sets you up for a day (and life) of great hair and great health. We've added subtitles in 6 languages too! 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇨🇳 🇦🇪 🇲🇾 🇻🇳

Daily video lessons and tutorials
Step-by-step routine guide

The best way to have full control over what’s in your hair care is by making your own. I’ve created some of my favourite recipes in this guide with a seasoned hair care chemist. This guide will equip you with the right substitutes for any toxic product that might still be hiding in your cupboard.

🧴 Formulate your own haircare products such as shampoos and scalp treatments -- completely feel from toxins!
👼 Best practices for making DIY haircare which are safe to use and safe to store.
🌱 Take your DIY products to the next level by making your own extracts and botanicals.

High-performance DIY Formulations
Customisations guidelines

Silicones and sulphates are some of the most misunderstood ingredients in the haircut industry. With this guide you’ll be 10 steps ahead of everyone who thinks all silicones & sulphates are bad and you’ll know how to leverage the different kinds for your best hair.

✨ Shiner and more hydrated hair with the correct use
📝 Minimise bad results and accidents by understanding the risks and benefits of certain silicones and sulphates 🔑 Learn when and how often they can be used for optimal results and minimal side-effects

How to use Silicones & Sulfates
Complete list of ingredient interactions

This guide contains everything you need to create your own hair health meal plans to fuel your hair growth and reduce your hair loss. It removes the guessing game when it comes to eating a healthy diet for your hair. You'll know what to eat, when to eat it and just how much you need to eat too!

💊 Learn what deficiencies you have and overcome them easily and safely
✨ Maximise your keratin and collagen production for thicker hair and plumper skin
😌 Premium stress-release exercises to reduce hair loss

Supplementation guidelines
Healthy hair diet plan

With the constant flow of haircare marketing, it’s easy to forget that products aren't as beneficial as they seem in the advertisements. The Haircare Ingredients Blacklist contains blacklisted haircare ingredients and their safety ratings. This searchable database helps you analyse all your haircare products so you can determine if any of your products contain ingredients that could destroy your hair’s health in the long-term.

🧪 Never damage your hair with toxic products again.
👓 Look past marketing claims and learn the real scientific evidence behind each claim.
🐷 Save your bank account by analysing products before you purchase.

Ingredients you must avoid
Dos & Donts for Clean Routine

Become part of the exclusive members-only Better Hair Community where you can share your daily missions and progress with other members.  This is the perfect place to retreat to if you're looking for a supportive group of like-minded women who are on the same journey of bettering their hair, their health and themselves! The community stays open for the duration of the challenge.💁 A safe space to form friendships with women who share similar values and goals
👩 Receive accountability when you need it so you stay on track
⚓️ Seek support, guidance and recommendations

Supportive community
Accountability & inspiration

After completing the challenge, you'll be sent a completion certificate in acknowledgement of your effort towards bettering your hair, your health and your self.

The challenge costs less than a salon visit.

14 Day Haircare

Better Hair & Better Health Video Training
14 Day Challenge Workbook
Haircare Ingredients Blacklist
Better Hair & Health Lifestyle Manual (2nd Edition)
Beginner's Guide to Making Haircare at Home (2nd Edition)
Beginner's Guide to Silicones & Sulphates (2nd Edition)
Waking Up Course by Sam Harris
Exclusive Challenge Members-Only Community
Certificate of Completion

Or your money back.

Your purchase is backed by our 7-Day Refund Policy. If you don't enjoy the first week of the challenge or don't see results you're happy with, just send us an email and we'll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

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Stories of our students

What Challenge participants thought of their experience

Barbara S

So, honestly, I found this challenge on Instagram, it popped as an ad and at first, I thought it was a scam or something, like most of those ads are, but... I have never been more happy that I actually watched an ad and decided to give it a chance! I've learnt so much these past 14 days and not only my haircare, but also my life routine has improved. Okay, I still do not see some big improvements and results exactly on my hair, but after washing it with our homemade shampoo, the hairloss has significantly reduced.
So, if you're not satisfied with your hair, do not hesitate and sign up for this challenge. You won't be sorry. :))

03:58 PM | Sep 20 2021 | Trustpilot
Lindsey Riches

This was an awesome experience! Loved being a part of the 14-day challenge with Sarah. Worth every second. Learned more here in 14 days than I did with 4 months of hair school at Paul Mitchell.

12:47 PM | Jan 02, 2020 | Trustpilot
Inquisitor Lavellan

At first, I thought it was going to be a typical scam from an Instagram ad, but I was dead wrong. Each day of the 14-day challenge taught me valuable lessons about hair health, the hair industry, and overall well-being. Not only do you learn how to improve your hair with products, but you also learn how to improve your health through workouts, meditation, and healthy eating to achieve great hair results! I have seen a massive improvement with my hair as it looks and feels so soft and strong. I would recommend this challenge to anyone! PLEASE give it a try!

12:30 PM | Jun 12, 2021 | Twitter

I hesitate a long time before actually registering for the challenge because I thought I could already find the information online. The thing is the content about hair care available online is very often focused on external practice, with this challenge you will see how the intern practice are as important as well. It gives you material to properly start your journey to your best hair ever 🙂

04:51 PM | Sep 13, 2020 | Trustpilot
Danielle Dallas

It took me more than six months to decide that the Hair Growth Lab 14 day challenge would be worth my time, and I am so glad I made the commitment.

Sarah included content that went beyond just ingredients of haircare products, but she included more in that area than I expected. Clearly lots of thought and personal experience from herself and the clients she has coached were the foundation of the course.

A bargain for the information and encouragement it provided.

05:15 AM | July 17, 2021 | Twitter
Aubrey B

Life changing! OH. MY. GOSH.

Honestly you guys, I was skeptical in the beginning. But I was also desperate, so I signed up. Well by the end of day 1 I already knew I'd made the right choice. Sarah provides you with tactical, tangible information on what you can do right away to change your routine and turn around your hair's health.

11:24 AM | Oct 31, 2020 | Twitter

What if good hair days were up to you?

Spend 14 days completing the Challenge and gain the confidence to live life beautifully.

Take charge of your hair


select an option:

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Yes, the challenge will be delivered online. After signing up you'll receive a logging to the challenge website. That's where all the material becomes available too. It's all digital so you can access it any time as long as you have an internet connection.

What if I'm not free on the start day?

You'll keep your access to all the material so you can catch up if you fall behind. However, you'll have the most fun when completing the challenge along with other participants.

Will I have access to the challenge after it's completed?

Yes, you'll keep you access to the challenge material after it's completed.  This way you can catch up on any days you missed or even re-do it, if you want to. The challenge community, however, closes one week after the challenge ends as it'll be prepared for the next group of challengers.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes! Your purchase is 100% risk-free. If you join the Challenge and you don't like it, you can email us at hello@hairqare.co within the first 7 days of starting and we'll refund you right away. No questions asked!

Does the Challenge work for my hair type?

The Challenge is designed to work for any hair type. We've had over 40,00 students complete the Challenge so far and 92% of them said they see results after 14 days.We also created a Screening Quiz that will help analyse your hair concerns and compare them to the content we provide during the Challenge. If you are not a good fit we will tell you. Take the quiz here.

When does the Challenge start?

The next challenge starts on...

Sunday, April 3!

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